Thumb Holes Mesh Ruched Short Bodycon Dress
Thumb Holes Mesh Ruched Short Bodycon Dress


Color, light materials, floral prints, short dresses and long summer dresses are this spring and summer dress trends.

On the dress trends program, no extravagance, no big follies. Overall, you just have to not be afraid of the touch of vintage or the return of fashion from the 90s (Yes, again). Balloon sleeves or thin straps, summer dresses invite you on a journey through time.

First at all, for dress trends it's the big comeback of the babydoll dress, queen of the fashion of the 60s. Obviously short, it is distinguished, mainly, by its trapezoidal cut. This season, we find it borrowing new codes. It is, for example, the balloon sleeves that we loved last year that will be embedded on the babydoll dress but more generally on all summer dresses.


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New summer trends: back to 90s.

Summer dresses are also plunging into ’90s fashion. The result? Ultra thin straps and very tight cuts.

Finally, it will be necessary to manage the volumes. Because that’s also where everything will play out. We talked about it: this season, it’s the crowning of balloon sleeves. Short dresses or long dresses, everyone is entitled to it. Ruffles, too, are encrusted on summer dresses and will add volume.

Now all you have to do is to browse our models of dresses to find the dress of your dreams.