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Don’t think that daytime dress should be worn exclusively during the day, most of apparels we choose for you can be easily transformed in evening outfit.

Just remember, during the day, the motto is not to overdo, and above all to be comfortable while remaining stylish.

For a daytime dress, we play it relaxed with flat sandals, a messenger bag and a long necklace. All in simplicity, then. Style does not necessarily rhyme with abundant accessorization: "less is more", as the other would say!

Small bonus: if you have small legs and you like ankle-length dresses (no, they are not prohibited for you!), I advise you to always have a little heel (even 5 cm) to lengthen your figure, rather than to be perfectly flat.

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Transform your daytime dress

For the night version just transform your daytime dress to something different and convenient for a night event. Which way?  Add heels to your daytime dress (not too high because it is also about being comfortable) and a black faux leather jacket, which will rock your silhouette while making the outfit dressier (literally and figuratively) for the evening.

Because the nights are cool in the evening add a jacket. Matching your daytime dress with this kind of accessories you will get look that is simple but with all the elegance you need to be able to go out for a party or for a restaurant.

Find on all kind of daytime dresses, suitable for all summer, autumn or winter.