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Flapper dresses are trendy since the release of the movie The Great Gatsby, when roaring twenties theme parties started to give the occasion to wear vintage outfits! What could be better than to dive back into 1920s fashion for an evening?

Now is the perfect time to go for a Great Gatsby style clothing and wear sequined garment, Charleston dresses, apparels with pearls, bows, fringes, tassels ... Many elements can ensure a retro and glamorous look and make us travel in time.

Fluid cuts and materials, slightly fitted clothing, short and long outfits adorned with sequins, lace, geometric shapes, feathers, fringes and pearls, make way for the Charleston flapper dress. Elegance finds its place during the after first world war period, especially at parties where women can dance to Charleston, without constraint of movement thanks to the new style clothing.

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Invited to a wedding, a ball, a cocktail or an event on the theme of the 20s? Looking for a beautiful roaring twenties flapper dress? Here’s where to find vintage period attire, there is something for everyone, with many models of different colors.

Little black dress, long, fringed, sequined, pearl, pink, nude, black habiliment … Discover our selection of flapper dresses for your 20s-themed event! You will notice that the retro trend was not too much for strapless apparels which are scarce, while chiffon, open backs, sequins, glamorous necklines, sleeveless clothes offer a wide choice of chic outfits for a 20s party.