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Neon color dresses appeared in the 80s with the arrival of neon fashion, then rocketed the 90s, where neon colors were sometimes worn from head to toe. Punks, fluokids, techno ...

All adopted fluorescent colors, whose palette was often synonymous with self-expression, freedom and inclusion. Now neon is back, in what we thought was a passing fad, as happens so often with the seasons. Never mind: this season again, pink, green, yellow and neon orange can be seen from afar, they mix happily, abandoning technical materials to settle on natural or recycled materials, adopting ultra-fluid cuts. Everything is allowed, with great blows of Stabilo!

If you want to go straight into the trend and proudly embrace it, neon color dresses are exactly for you! It goes wonderfully with more neutral accessories. We are going to reveal to you the ultimate secret of an effective neon: all tones look better in combination with dark basics and tanned skin

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Your Neon Dress for different occasion

Little tip: add a belt to cinch the waist of your neon color dresses or a black boot for a more edgy look.

Often associated with the sportswear trend, neon color dresses have landed with great fanfare and have tossed long bohemian dresses. The IT girls have adopted neon in a mini dress version. For a music festival as for going to the beach, these flashy clothes have a bright future ahead of them. Brighten your nights out with our fierce neon clothes collection and be the light of the par